I want to give you some recommendations to prevent damage to your computer and personal information & data because many crimes occurred in cyberspace now.

  • Get the antivirus software, anti-spyware and firewall and do them up to date
  • Don’t reply to spam
  • Don’t open unknown e-mails or attachments from unknown person and company
  • Don’t and never give passwords or private and personal data to unknown e-mails or Web sites
  • When requested to ‘permit’ or ‘reject’ a request access to the Internet, select reject except you are sure about security of the site
  • Be careful while you are shopping online;
  • Get a back up from your P.C information on disks or CDs often
  • Use difficult to guess passwords.
  • Don’t go to access to your computers with strangers
  • Disconnect from the Internet when you do not in use
  • Share these information with your friends and family members

Refrence: Symantec and Trend Micro